Delegated Tezos Baking

Hayek Lab is the premier choice for those looking for a professional delegation service to bake their tez with. Our dedication to decentralization has lead us to avoid cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc), which we believe to be a shortcut that compromises the strength of the Tezos network. As such we opt to run our own dedicated servers and pursue new datacenter locations globally in order to ensure the resilience of the service we provide to our customers.

New! We now payout baking rewards as soon as they are officiated by the network.

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Our Fee Structure

Hayek Lab has chosen a 15% dynamic fee model. As the price of ꜩ increases we will look into lowering our fees since our fixed cost component will be better absorbed.

We provide our investors with an early payout: we make the reward payments immediately after the baking cycle is completed. Since rewards are frozen for a duration of 5 cycles by the Tezos network, you enjoy early reinvestment with the additional benefit of your earned tez back under your control. (Payments are made back to your KT1 address, and this is subject to our bond pool ratio)

We are currently evaluating with our legal team about offering you bond pool participation as an additional service in the future.

Delegation Fee

You get 85% of the rewards for your share delegated to our pool.

Bond Pool Fee

You get 100% of the rewards for your share invested in our Bond Pool.

Share Of Delegation Fees

Bond Pool investors will get 8/15th (53.3%) of the delegation fees.

Hayek Lab Share Of Delegation Fees

Hayek Lab will get 7% of the rewards attributed from the delegated tez to run the service and maintain security audits.

Rewardsattributedfrom BondPooltez Entire pierepresentstotalrewardsreceived in acycle SharestoBondPoolOwners to Hayek Lab Distributedaccordingtothis... 85%to Delegator8% 7% Rewardsfromdelegatedtez This pierepresents thereward portion contributedbydelegated tez (blue portion from prior chart).

Our Values

The spiritual guide of the company was a leading mind of the Austrian School of Economics, Frederick Hayek, author of The Road to Serfdom and many other books promoting economic freedom. It is as such that we have decided to name our infrastructure as Hayek’s Laboratory with the core goal of helping apply Hayek’s principle to the world. The birth of crypto-currency has brought another tool to achieve this, and the emergence of Proof of Stake as a new method to operate it opens the door for a direct form of participation by the currency owners. We, at Hayek Lab, want to help in accomplishing this.
Our core mindset is to contribute to the decentralization of the Tezos network. This is one key reason why Hayek Lab has chosen to have its own hardware in different data centers rather than using cloud services such as Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Having multiple small bakers goes towards that goal but at the cost of a less reliable electric grid and Internet connectivity. Hayek Lab will balance the two goals by operating in multiple data centers. As we reach more tez in delegation, we will open new data centers across the world in addition to our first data center, located in Eastern Canada. Delegate with Hayek Lab and you too can benefit of these established data centers that are also used by financial companies operating critical services.
We strive to offer our investors the best delegation experience possible. Through attention to details, a steadfast work ethic, expertise, and dedication to you, we are committed to the highest professionalism standard. Our integrity and understanding of Hayek’s economic principles is the foundation of our mission.


For security purposes, we cannot reveal the names of our team members and consultants. Our only public figure, Phil Champagne, author of “The Book Of Satoshi”, is our VP of Investor Relations. Our team is also composed of experts in IT, Systems Administration, Software Engineering, Web Development and we are actively expanding our team and engaging with consultants in critical fields such as Cyber Security.

Phil Champagne
VP Investor Relations, Hayek Lab

Phil graduated from the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in software engineering. His background in software engineering combined with his passion for history, investments and the Austrian School of Economics naturally led him to explore and then become a passionate advocate of crypto currencies. He wrote The Book Of Satoshi which was published in 2014 and has now initiated the writing of a book about Tezos that will help introduce it to new investors and users. Phil is also a seasoned real estate investor that knows well that wealth building start with a strong emphasis on cash flow. His interest in Tezos comes in part from its cash flow generating aspect. Phil is the inventor/co-inventor of 12 patents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Tezos Book

Taking the lead, Phil Champagne (our VP of Investor Relations) has started a collaborative initiative to create the first introductory Tezos book. With his successful prior book on Bitcoin, “The Book Of Satoshi”, Phil has knowledge of what it takes to create a successful book in the crypto/blockchain space. Open for collaboration to Tezos enthusiasts who want to take part in what could be the top introductory Tezos book for years to come.

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